Jaana tha Cheen.. Pahunch Gaye Japan.. Japanese food at Guppy by ai

Ok, so one fine Sunday afternoon, my mother took me to this Japanese Restaurant called Guppy by ai and the moment I came to know its Japanese food, it almost pissed me off. I would have been happy sitting at home having a Mc Donalds, but here I was with my mom and no choice to but sit and see what was in store.

It was a sit-down brunch and we didn’t need to order anything in particular, they were just serving one thing after the other and I was merely watching.

It started with some soups, which I didn’t have. It was then followed by cold appetisers, which again I didn’t even eye.

But then came this small sweet cute looking mini burger, and only looking at it made my mouth water. I was little apprehensive about asking my mom that I wanted to have it, because till now I had been making all sorts of faces while she was enjoying the food, but now I felt different. But I kind of held on and waited for the next item.
The next was a Tempura Fish, it was a crispy fried fish, but I basically don’t like fish much so didn’t try that too.

There were baby corns too, fried in the same way, but I gave them a miss as well.
Next was the grill section, and had options of grilled chicken, tofu, sweet potato and fish. My mom put a piece of grilled chicken on her plate, and this time I could not hold the urge to try it out but still was a little shy.
But being a mom, she just looked at me and knew that I wanted to try that chicken out, and she gave me one. It tasted just out of this world and I had a little more of it. It was almost like eating a very different and tasty kind of chicken seekh kabab.
This chicken gave me confidence in Japanese food and now I was ready to try other things too. 

My mom insisted that I should try that little burger and inside I felt very happy, that she knew exactly what I wanted. It was called the CHICKEN SHUMAI STEAMED BUN, and this cute little thing, tasted as good as it looked. 

They had options in PORK and MUSHROOM fillings as well in the steam bun, but I was content with my chicken bun and ended up polishing away 3 of them. My mom was literally laughing at me, knowing that I always first refuse to try things and then later, end up hogging them.
There was some chicken pizza pancake as well, I did try that, and it tasted good, but it was loaded with vegetables and I am little choosy you know, so I had to let that go.
Now it was time for the main course, and it had Chicken Casserole, Chicken Noodles and Garlic Rice, and all three of them tasted very good and I had a plateful of it. Now Japanese food seemed quite like a decent option for lunch and my views were changed.

But the best thing was the dessert platter. It was just too too good. It has a choco-lava cake, a chocolate fondue( this was the best I had eaten, and again had two of them), Vanilla Ice-Cream which didn’t taste anything like the regular ice-cream, it was much creamier and better tasting, and their were fruits too. But after having all good things, I gave fruits a miss. 

I was very very content with what I had and extremely happy that my mom took me out for such an unusual food experience.

Do give it a try; I am sure you guys will love it.


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